The Overseas Memorial

In honour of the Overseas Cadets
from the Royal Military Academy


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Overseas Memorial
Icon Split Form
Symbolic Camp Fire
Rose Trellis


The Commandant's Vision
Major General A G Denaro CBE

Down the years the overseas officer cadets who have attended Sandhurst have enriched this place and are remembered fondly by the British staff and officer cadets at Sandhurst. In order to commemorate the contribution made by those from overseas, it was decided this sculpture should be commissioned and sited at the cross roads by Lake House.

A non-figurative work was chosen as it would more easily address the cultural and religious diversity that exists amongst the many nations from which our overseas officer cadets have come. The stone should be simple yet substantial and its visual presentation and design must adequately respond to the landscape and architectural surroundings at Sandhurst whilst being contemporary to our time. The design should display the sense of comradeship, strength in adversity and loyalty of the cadets to their nation states across the world and their steadfast determination and character whilst here at Sandhurst.

The location was chosen because staff and cadets regularly cross at the junction between Jacob Road and Bearwood Road on their way to and from Old College, the parade grounds, New College and the library: and also because of the smile it would bring to the faces of so many at the thought of the adjutant being so near yet so far. It would remind us all of the enduring friendships formed between individuals and nations as we learned how to SERVE TO LEAD.


The Sculptor's Interpretation
Michael Marriott FRBS

The plan view of the Memorial shows the Portland stone elements on the four points of the compass, symbolising the overseas cadets connection with the Royal Military Academy from all over the world.

In the elevations the four stone elements display a shield form on each outer face symbolically showing strength, bravery and pride. The gilded symbolic flame suggests the links between each nation signifying integrity, strength, endurance and the bond with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst the unifying centre.

The grassed mound at the base of the stone elements serves at once to visually break up the long flat areas leading to the site, suggesting a closeness to the soil and a sense of endurance and sacrifice.

Floodlighting placed between each stone element produces vertical shafts of light which add drama to the memorial during the hours of darkness.