Sculpture by Michael Marriott



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Overseas Memorial
Icon Split Form
Symbolic Camp Fire
Rose Trellis

ZEN: Is in a private collection and as the title suggests, Zen instils a sense of calm contemplation.

Constructed from 13mm thick mild steel with a natural rust finish fixed with a satin varnish.

Large View

Fountainhead: Materials: Stainless steel/glass and Perspex plus water pump.

The two elements of Fountainhead appear to thrust out of the water under pressure and generate more pressure with the bubbling water between the glass and the Perspex central section.

Large View

SENTINEL: This stainless steel and glass sculpture was commissioned by private collectors.

The top sections move and indicate wind direction and the glass section is illuminated from within at night.

Large View


Skaters: Fabricated from fibreglass (grp) and painted. These 'Floating Mobiles' are a serious/fun take on speed skating with the famous speed skating champion Kees Verkerk from the Netherlands in mind.

The sculpture is anchored and has long tethers to allow movement with the wind directing the choreography on the water.

Large View